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Capacitation of the Zimbabwe Land Commission.

In Progress

Submission Of The Land Audit To The Minister Of Lands, Agriculture, Water And Rural Resettlement By The Land Commission.



March 12, 2020

An initial report of the second phase of the national agricultural land audit, expected to rationalise farm ownership and sizes countrywide, is now complete and will soon be made public, a Cabinet minister said. In July 2019, the Government started rolling out the second phase of the national agricultural land audit.

The land audit sought to analyse land allocation data and the extent of land distribution with respect to gender, equity classification, environmental management, extent of multiple land ownership and double allocations.

Previous Updates

Availing of Resources to the Zimbabwe Land Commission for conducting a land audit (2018)



Oct. 22, 2018

The Zimbabwe Land Commission has deployed teams of 60 enumerators in all eight farming provinces for the comprehensive agricultural land audit which begins today. The audit teams will have identity particulars and farmers will not be asked to pay any money. The exercise, which will be carried out simultaneously in all eight provinces is expected to end on November 24, 2018.

The Land Commision Descends on Midlands Province to address inquiry into the sale of state land.



June 7, 2019

The Land Commission, chaired by Justice Tendai Uchena, will start making inquiries into the sale of State land in and around the Midlands province dating back to 2005, a senior government official has said. Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs permanent secretary Virginia Mabiza, who is secretary to the commission, said they would be in the province from June 10 to June 28, to gather public views on double or multiple allocations, allocation of stands on spaces meant for schools, clinics, roads, recreational sites, wetlands and open spaces, among others.“The commission shall commence its inquiries in Midlands province by conducting site visits to farms, locations or urban State land units,” she said in a statement.“After site visits, the commission will hear government officials, local authorities, land developers and home seekers who purchased stands and beneficiaries of urban State land from June 14 to 28, 2019.”
She said the sites that would be visited include Lot 73 of Umsungwe Block, Hertfordshire (Phase 1 and 2), Lot 1 of 5A West Gwelo Block and Belton of Clysdale (Tatenda Park), Subdivision 4 of Gwelo Small Holdings (Woodlands), Adelaide Park in Senga, Mkoba 12 Infill, portion of Central Estates in Mvuma, Mabula in Zvishavane and Makgakooshla in Shurugwi. In March, at a devolution workshop in Gweru, Local Government minister July Moyo warned land developers in the Midlands province that the long arm of the law would soon catch up with those allocating residential stands on unsuitable sites such as wetlands.