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Enhancing the command agriculture funding model by ensuring that inputs are provided on time.

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Zimbabwe's crop hectarage increases by 23%


March 29, 2021

Farmers in Zimbabwe planted crops on over 3.4 million hectares in the 2020/2021 agricultural season, representing a 23 percent increase from the 2.8 million hectares planted last season. The increase was driven by abundant rainfall received this season, early distribution of inputs and support to farmers by the government

Previous Updates

Presidential Blitz tick Grease Scheme


July 13, 2021

46 852kg of tick grease were distributed under the Presidential Blitz tick Grease Scheme.

Pfumvudza Programme


Dec. 1, 2020

Regarding the Pfumvudza Programme, Cabinet was informed that households supported under the Programme had increased from 1.8 million to 2.2 million.  All the 2.2 million families enrolled had been automatically entered in the Pfumvudza competition for all the crops. A total of 2 139 275 households had been trained on Pfumvudza. Additionally, the Zunde  raMambo concept had been revived and inputs are now being distributed to 286 chiefs.

732 000 farmers receive inputs


Oct. 18, 2020

About 732 000 households have received seed under the Climate-Proofed Presidential Inputs Scheme as the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) intensifies distribution of inputs ahead of the November 15 deadline by which all beneficiaries should have received their allocations.

Cultivating 410,000 hectares under the Command Agriculture special programme for import substitution (2020-2021 season



Aug. 22, 2020

Farmers benefiting under the special programme for import substitution, Command Agriculture are expected to put 410 000 hectares under food crops during the forthcoming summer cropping season.

Command Agriculture is a cost recovery agriculture scheme introduced by Government to substitute importation of maize.

Guarantee of loans to the Agriculture Sector



Nov. 1, 2019

Government has reiterated its pledge to guarantee all loans that banks will extend to commercial farmers under the revamped Smart Agriculture Concept, previously known as Command Agriculture, to give lenders confidence to financially support the sector without being restrained by concerns of the risk of defaults, an official has said.

The loan facilities will, however, be mainly available to farmers with a proven track record of producing and repaying their loans to the Government when the State agriculture financing programme was still running as Command Agriculture.


Enlisting Commercial Banks and more private sector players in the administration of a new financing model for Command Agriculture



Sept. 20, 2019

Government has enlisted commercial banks and more private sector players in the administration of a new financing model for Command Agriculture, as it seeks more sustainable means of financing agriculture to boost production. The financing scheme will be implemented under a public private partnership (PPP) arrangement with the ultimate goal of mobilising financial resources for the sector, widely regarded as the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy. The approach is in line with the 2019 National Budget as well as the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), which envisions Zimbabwe becoming an upper middle income economy by 2030, driven by increased industrial activity.

$2.8 billion dollars slated for command agriculture



Aug. 5, 2019

Government has earmarked $2,8 billion for Command Agriculture, which will extend the facility by another year and result in the production of 210 000 hectares of maize and 30 000 hectares of soyabeans during the 2019/20 summer cropping season. Presenting his Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review and Supplementary Budget Statement on 1 August 2019, Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said the programme will only benefit farmers with good track records of repaying loans and producing high yields.