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Supporting investment in smallholding farmer irrigation schemes, targeting to facilitate irrigation of at least 200 hectares per administrative district.


Roll out of Presidential Inputs Through GMB



Nov. 12, 2021

GMB distributed free inputs countrywide targeting farmers under the Intwasa / Pfunmvudza model supported by the Presidental inputs programme.

Previous Updates

Rehabilitation of irrigation shchemes in Masvingo Province underway



Oct. 8, 2022

President  Munangagwa has led the rehabilitation of the Fuve Panganai 85ha irrigation scheme in Masvingo Province

President Mnangagwa to Commission Irrigation Schemes, Dams



Feb. 28, 2021

Several small-scale community irrigation systems have been rebuilt countywide as part of the National Agricultural Recovery Plan. In the light of climate change, the rehabilitation of irrigation systems has accelerated, with Maka Irrigation Company operating around the clock to fulfill its government-mandated responsibility.

Government Set Priority For Irrigation in 2021 -AMA



Jan. 11, 2021

Government has invested $693 million under the National Accelerated Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development Programme.

Gwayi-Shangani Construction in Matabeleland North Province



Aug. 31, 2021

The government is constructing the Gwayi-Shangani Dam in Matabeleland North Province. The dam will be the third-largest inland dam in Zimbabwe and will supply Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Hwange and Binga communities. Currently, the project is approximately 40% completion.

Government distributed 80 Centre Pivots to deserving farmers



Jan. 11, 2019

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga, launched the second phase of the centre pivot irrigation facility under a special maize production initiative being spearheaded by Government in partnership with Pedstock Investments, indicating only deserving farmers should benefit from the scheme.