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Accelerate establishment of irrigation schemes.


65-hectare Tshikwalakwala Irrigation Scheme in Beitbridge restored



Sept. 30, 2022

The 65-hectare Tshikwalakwala Irrigation Scheme, which has not been functioning in the last 15 years is now restored to full functionality at a cost of US$1 million

Previous Updates

The Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme rehab nears completion.




May 17, 2023

The Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme rehab nears completion. 

According to the Agricultural and Development Authority states that Rehabilitation of the Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme in Binga, Matabeleland North is 87% complete with the new contractors now connecting Electricity to Pump Stations. 

Musikavanhu IrrigationScheme.




April 25, 2023

50 hectares out of the targeted 72ha of the Musikavanhu B2 Irrigation Scheme in Manicaland Province were developed.

Improvements at Madhodha Irrigation Scheme.




April 25, 2023

The electrification and installation of centre pivots covering 100 hectares of the 150 hactares Madhodha Irrigation Scheme in Mashonaland West province has been completed.

Rehabilitation of Gowe Irrigation Scheme in process following approval of budget”



Jan. 26, 2023

Rehabilitation of Gowe Irrigation Scheme in process following approval of budget”

Irrigation development underway with boreholes and solar powered water in place



Dec. 13, 2022

Under Irrigation Development, 150 boreholes were drilled, and 16 solar-powered piped water 
schemes were developed

Irrigation scheme underway in Mashonaland Central Province



Dec. 13, 2022

50 of the targeted 100 hectares have been developed at Mtawatawa Irrigation Scheme in Uzumba 
Maramba Pfungwe District, Mashonaland East Province, while 176 of the targeted 200 hectares has been developed at Kanyemba Irrigation Scheme in the Mbire District, Mashonaland Central Province.

A total of 130 boreholes for irrigation has been drilled



Aug. 2, 2022

A total of 130 boreholes for irrigation has been drilled

Tuli-Manyange Dam Construction  paces up

http://" https://www.herald.co.zw/tuli-manyange-dam-construction-paces-up/"


May 30, 2022

Tuli-Manyange Dam Construction  paces up. The construction of Tuli-Manyame Dam in Gwanda District is gathering pace with works on the main dam having started. Authorities say the project is taking shape and moving at a fast pace to meet deadlines

A total of 62 boreholes had been drilled for irrigation.



May 4, 2022

A total of 62 boreholes had been drilled for irrigation.

Irrigation Development in Mbire District is 80% complete



May 4, 2022

Irrigation Development the construction of the 1.1 megawatt (MW) Solar Power Generation Plant under the Kanyemba Irrigation Scheme, Mbire District was at 80% completion, with the solar panels having been installed.

Government commissions the 76ha Mayorca Irrigation Scheme in Sesombe Ward 5 in Kwekwe.




April 13, 2022

Government commissions the 76ha Mayorca Irrigation Scheme in Sesombe Ward 5 in Kwekwe. The Scheme was rehabilitated under the Small Holder Revitalization Program (SIRP). It houses 76 farmers who are growing various crops

Preliminary work on the 53 million cubic metre Tuli-Manyange Dam in Matabeleland South commences.



March 24, 2022

Preliminary work on the 53 million cubic metre Tuli-Manyange Dam in Matabeleland South commences. Current works at the dam involve the construction of Saddle Dams 1 and 2, which are expected to be complete by June. Once the saddle dams are complete, work on the foundations of the main dam will commence.


Government Adopts New Designs for Dande Kam in Guruve



Jan. 19, 2022

The Government is adopting a new style of dam construction that includes power generation, water purification, irrigation, and fisheries, and the designs for Dande Dam in Kachuta community lands in Guruve are proceeding well. Dande Dam, with a capacity of 160 million cubic meters, is designed to contain enough water to irrigate at least 4 000 hectares of land while simultaneously generating 3,6 megawatts of electricity.

Government eyes 350 000ha for Irrigation Projects



Aug. 18, 2021

Commission of Bubi - Lupane Irrigation Scheme



Sept. 26, 2021

President Commissioned Bubi-Lupane Irrigation Scheme and Lupane Water Treatment works

Tuli-Manyange dam construction



Aug. 31, 2021

The government is constructing the Tuli-Manyange dam in Galanyemba Communal Areas in Gwanda in Matabeleland South province. The project worth ZW$2.2 billion will facilitatte irrigated agriculture on over 15 000 hectares for gardens, fisheries and livestock rearing

Kanyemba Smallholder Irrigation Development



July 13, 2021

Regarding the Kanyemba Smallholder Irrigation Development, 3 780 units of the 365 watts rated solar panels were delivered to site, 4 centre pivot units were installed and the casting for 11 centres is 100% complete.

Commissioning of dam projects



May 13, 2021

President Mnangagwa commissioned the Muchekeranwa Dam, formerly Causeway Dam, that will benefit the provinces of Mashonaland East and Manicaland. He launched the Presidential Fisheries Scheme and the Muchekeranwa irrigation project, which are spinoffs from the massive dam that was built through a public private partnership.

Commissioning of Piped Water Scheme For Rural Chivi Community





Dec. 23, 2020

President Mnangagwa commissioned the $8 million Chombwe Piped Water Scheme in Chivi. The project was financed through Government’s devolution funds. President Mnangagwa highlighted that the devolution programme would transform the lives of the rural folk over the next five years through financing the development of piped water schemes that will supply water for domestic consumption, irrigation and livestock.

Irrigation boost for rural communities

https://www.veritaszim.net/node/4592 https://www.herald.co.zw/irrigation-boost-for-rural-communities/


Nov. 25, 2020

Cabinet considered and approved the Accelerated Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development Plan : 2021-2025 as presented by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement on behalf of the Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Food Security and Nutrition. The Accelerated Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development Plan will pursue a number of specific objectives, among them, increasing the annual cropping area from 156 000 to 350 000 hectares and developing irrigation area to 400 000 hectares by 2025. 

Commission of Marovanyati Dam



Nov. 11, 2020

President Mnangagwa commissioned Marovanyati Dam in Buhera in fulfilment of his promise to ensure that the district realises its full economic potential through irrigation development. The dam, which is expected to provide water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use was completed this year after Government released funds in 2017.

Completion of the Marovanyathi Dam in Buhera District, Maniclaland.

Sunday Mail


Sept. 6, 2020

Marovanyathi Dam in Buhera District, Manicaland, which President Mnangagwa promised to the community in May 2018, has been completed and will be commissioned “anytime soon”.

Investment of US$ 150M into Dam Projects

Sunday Mail


Sept. 23, 2018

Despite limited outlays for capital projects from Treasury, Government is plowing ahead with the construction of three key dams – Gwayi-Shangani Dam (Matabeleland North), Sengwa (Mashonaland Central) and Marowanyati Dam (Manicaland) – with the latter project, which is now 78 percent complete, expected to begin impounding water in the current rain season.

Commissioning of the US$ 15m Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme



March 31, 2020

The government of Zimbabwe through President Mnangagwa has commissioned the Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme which aims to increase productivity.The project started in 2015 and was funded to the tune of US $15m under the Japanese Grant Aid.

Signing of an agricultural cooperation agreement between the Zimbabwe government and China's Lesso Group.



Dec. 30, 2019

Zimbabwe and China Lesso Group yesterday signed an agricultural cooperation agreement under which 12,800 hectares will be put under irrigation for the production of over 60 000 tonnes of maize each season.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mr Bwenje Clemence Taderera, the acting chief director (for) strategic planning and business development in the Ministry of Agriculture and Mr Yi Biao Luo, the general manager of China Lesso Group.

Installation of Irrigation equipment



Dec. 4, 2019

Installation of 8×40-hectare centre pivot irrigation units under the Irrigation Development Project has been completed;
Two of the three contracts on solar power generation and pumping stations have been signed for the Kanyemba Irrigation Scheme

Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Maka a local farm equipment manufacturer



Sept. 10, 2019

Government, in partnership with a local farm equipment manufacturer, Maka, is targeting to put at least 100 000 hectares of land under irrigation to boost food security,  a Cabinet Minister said last week.Development of irrigation schemes country-wide is part of government’s  overall aim to ensure the country’s food security through reducing  reliance on rain fed agriculture.

With over 70 percent of Zimbabweans living off agriculture, there have been calls for the government to invest more in irrigation to increase agricultural production.

Government through Agri-bank has secured a US$10 million facility to finance irrigation



July 17, 2019

Government, through Agribank, has secured a US$10,5 million facility for irrigation equipment and machinery under the Pedstock Centre Pivots Irrigation Facility (Phase 2) from Spain, which will benefit both large and small-scale farmers, as the country moves to improve productivity.