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Government declares Varum Beverages a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)



Feb. 19, 2019

Beverages manufacturer, Varun Beverages, has been declared a special economic zone, as Government seeks to incentivise the firm that is reportedly planning to put up a new $23 million plant. Varun Beverages has already set up a $40 million beverages plant that produces a range of products that include Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and 7Up.The company launched its plant, which has an installed capacity of 600,000 bottles per day. In an Extraordinary Government Gazette dated February 8, 2019, Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority chief executive officer Mr Edwin Kondo, said Varun Beverages had indeed been declared a special economic zone in terms of section 20 (1) of the Special Economic Zones Act (Chapter 14:34), the Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority. 

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