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Formulating and implementing an ICT and infrastructure sharing policy.

In Progress

Commissioning of 3 new 3G base stations



Dec. 4, 2019

Three new 3G base stations have been commissioned under the Shared Infrastructure Base Stations Project in Harare and Manicaland provinces;

Previous Updates

Signing of the Infrastructure sharing deal



May 27, 2019

Econet and Netone entered into a long awaited deal that will see the Mobile Network Operators share their infrastructure.

Its a deal that the government, POTRAZ and just about every consumer had been wishing and praying for to happen. And now it has finally happened. Infrastructure sharing was a bone of strong contention between MNOs and POTRAZ and Government since 2014.

Econet ,in particular, was infamous for stalling the deal whilst other MNOs were more than willing to share their relatively few (and inferior) infrastructure. Government even came to a point where it even drafted a Statutory Instrument to legally enforce Econet to share its enviable infrastructure but that never swayed Strive Masiwa’s company to give in.