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Introduce supportive tax reforms.

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VAT Reduction comes into effect 1 January 2020



Dec. 31, 2019

Tax collector, the Zimbabwe  Revenue Authority (Zimra) said on Sunday local businesses must be  ready to effect a 0,5 percentage point reduction in value added tax (VAT), which comes into effect on January 1, 2020.The move, which will likely result in minor price reductions, follows the decision by Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor  Mthuli Ncube, in the 2020 national budget presented last month, to  reduce VAT to 14,5 percent from 15 percent effective the beginning of  the year.

Previous Updates

Mthuli Ncube Announces Tax Incentive For Companies That Employ Youths



Nov. 14, 2019

Under the 2020 Budget, a fiscal incentive is being introduced to support employers who generate jobs for our young job seekers. Any additional job created will attract a percentage tax rebate to the employer, linked to the employee’s salary.

Corporate - Tax credits and incentives in 2020 budget



Nov. 22, 2019

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