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Establish service centres that provide milling, technical and gold-buying services to small scale miners.

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Approval of over twenty Gold Centres proposals


Aug. 3, 2021

Accordingly, memoranda of understanding will be signed with four investors who have been identified for the purpose of setting up the Gold Centres. The investors will own 100 per cent equity in the Centres, while those who operate joint ventures with the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development will fully fund the operations of the Centres in return for a 90 per cent equity stake. Cabinet therefore approved that the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development signs memoranda of understanding with investors intending to locate, establish, fund and run gold centres already provided for in the Mines and Minerals Act. Some of the Gold Centres are expected to be established in Makaha, Odzi, Mount Darwin, Shamva, Mazowe and Silobela.

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