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Ensure that the country's roads in both rural and urban areas are rehabilitated and maintained.

In Progress

Road Rehabilitation Projects


Aug. 3, 2021

In Manicaland Province, DDF completed grading on 43,5 km and spot gravelling on 5.5 km of the Nyazvidzi Parallel Road. In Mashonaland Central Province, the upgrading of the road linking the commissioned Karanda Bridge with the adjacent communities is ongoing, and a 7 km detour road has been completed. In Mashonaland East Province, 3.5 km of the road link from the now completed Monte Cassino Bridge has been widened. In Mashonaland West Province, the 10 km stretch of the Karoi-Binga Road has since been completed. In Masvingo Province works are in progress on the Mpembedzi Bridge construction project, and road realignment has passed the 60% mark. In Matabeleland South Province, 91 km of the Mapae-Dite-St Peters Road in Beitbridge has been graded. Work is in progress on the construction of the Gunguhwe Bridge in Gokwe, Midlands Province."

Previous Updates

Gunguhwe Bridge Construction in Gokwe


Aug. 31, 2021

The government is conctructing the Gunguhwe Bridge in Gokwe, Midlands Province. The bridge links Gokwe North and Gokwe South districts. Once completed, the bridge will provide a useful link for farmers, students and other travellers in the area.

Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Programme 2


Aug. 4, 2021

Government has spent more than $1billion on road rehabilitation, gravelling , drainage structuring as part of the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) launched in March 2021

Harare - Masvingo - Beitbridge Highway Rehabilitation


Aug. 4, 2021

Five contractors widening, rehabilitating and upgrading Harare - Masvingo - Beitbridge Highway have completed nearly half of the project with 168km now open to traffic and final touches being made on 52km stretch underway.

Nyanga ERRP2 Project


Aug. 5, 2021

Nyanga RDC was allocated $36M and the funds are currently being utilised in road formation, vege clearance and drainage structuring on: -World's View Rd -Troutbeck - Nyafaru Rd -Charamba - Chirimanyimo Road -Nyakupinga - Mutarazi Road

Chimanimani RDC ERRP2 Project


July 30, 2021

CRDC received zw $30 million for #ERRP2 projects.



July 23, 2021

- Over 100kms covering council and DDF roads in Murewa district have been given a facelift thru the #ERRP2 - Murewa received a total of $28.2m for ERRP2. -24km Kadzere - Musami road as well as 10kms at Murewa Centre -17 of Rukunguhwe-Chitowa Road and 15 of State road- Munamba



July 20, 2021

-Zvimba RDC intends to rehabilitate about 297.7km of road network. -242.9km motorized grading, -52.7Km Re-gravelling and spot gravelling, -1.2km rehabilitation and construction AMOUNT DISBURSED: ZWL$ 1,824,154.00

Roads Development


June 13, 2021

Rehabilitation of Mhandamabwe-Chivi-Tokwe Road, Masvingo, 15km of the road is complete and open to traffic. The 3.2km Pangula road which is Chikurubi Prisons access road, was rehabilitated. On the Harare-Beitbridge Highway upgrading, it is reported that 50km of the road has been rehabilitated. Construction of the Mwarazi Bridge in Manicaland Province is in progress.

Road Rehabilitation in Matebeleland South


March 18, 2021

The District Development Fund (DDF) has intensified the rehabilitation of damaged roads in Matabeleland South province’s seven districts as the Government presses ahead with plans to improve the state of the road network countrywide.

Revamping of Infrastructure


April 9, 2021

In line with Government thrust of recapitalisation of key institutions, and revamping of national infrastructure, DDF received 2 motorised graders from Barzem Zimbabwe. A consignment of 16 graders is expected to be delivered in the next 8 months.

The rehabilitation of Ndepa


March 11, 2021

The rehabilitation of Ndepa - a road section of Siakobvu- Bumi Hills has been completed.

Launch Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2


April 14, 2021

President launches Second Phase of the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP2) in Mount Darwin. The Programme will ensure accelerated rehabilitation and construction of roads and bridges damaged by recent heavy rains.

DDF regravelling 55km of Manjokoto-Chimombe road,


Feb. 21, 2021

In GuIn Gutu District, DDF regravelled 55km of Manjokoto-Chimombe road, as well as shoulder maintenance of the same road. At Chamatutu, where the road passes through a dwala, exarcebated by unrelenting rains, it had become almost impassable

Kopa-Jopa Road Rehabilitation following damage by Cyclone Idai is 68% complete


Nov. 17, 2020

The Kopa-Jopa Road Rehabilitation following damage by Cyclone Idai is 68% complete after an additional 4 kilometers of the targeted 23 kilometers were surfaced. The other projects which are at varying stages of implementation are as follows: Rehabilitation of Mhandamabwe-Chivi-Tokwe Road; Harare-Beitbridge Road Upgrading; and Rehabilitation of Skyline-Chimanimani Road Damaged by Cyclone Idai.  In Chimanimani, bridge approaches of Umvumvumvu River No. 4 and No. 2 (Lydia Chimonyo) and Biriri Bridges were completed and opened to traffic. A total of 5 bridges were completed. The road stretch from Skyline to Ngangu was reconstructed and widened. 

Resumption of the Karoi - Binga Road Construction



July 7, 2020

Work on tarring of the Karoi-Binga Road is set to resume after Government committed to funding the second phase of the project since the completion of the first 10km-stretch.

The initial part of the second phase will reportedly cover a further 5km stretch, starting just after Zvipani Business Centre as Government through the District Development Fund (DDF) pushes to eventually cover the 334km Binga-Karoi Highway.  Hurungwe District development coordinator Mr Andrew Tizora said there were indications that funding for the next 5km stretch was set to be released soon, paving way for the resumption of the project.

Widening of Pembi Bridge and road in Mvurwi to reduce traffic congestion



Dec. 18, 2019

Pembi Bridge in Mvurwi was widened and road approaches constructed on either side of the bridge to reduce traffic congestion

Bush clearance and road formation of the 5km-stretch from Melfort to Bromely, Ongoing upgrade of the 5km-stretch in Chivhu and the 3km stretch in Beatrice along the Harare- Masvingo Highway



Dec. 11, 2019

Bush clearance and road formation of the 5km-stretch from Melfort to Bromely has been completed, and the road is now awaiting surfacing; Works on the upgrading of the 5km-stretch in Chivhu and the 3km stretch in Beatrice along the Harare- Masvingo Highway have been carried out to base two and to priming levels, respectively.

Completion of reconstruction of 3 bridges ravaged by Cyclone Idai on the Wengezi-Chimanimani Road, namely: Umvumvumvu Number 2, 3 and 4



Dec. 11, 2019

Approaches for three bridges ravaged by Cyclone Idai on the Wengezi-Chimanimani Road, namely: Umvumvumvu Number 2,
3 and 4 have been completed and opened to traffic

Completion of Mhandamabwe-Chivi-Tugwi Road



Dec. 11, 2019

28,6km of the 48,2km-stretch of the Mhandamabwe-Chivi-Tugwi Road has been completed and opened to traffic;

The Zimbabwe government steps up road projects



Dec. 16, 2018

The Zimbabwe government has stepped up major road rehabilitation programmes across the country as it closes in on its 2018 target to spruce up over 50 000 kilometres of road. Treasury released $252 million for projects covering both urban and rural roads. Part of the funds are now being channelled towards dualising major arterial roads such as the Beitbridge-Masvingo Road. Road construction works have created more than 10 000 jobs so far. A progress report seen by The Sunday Mail last week shows that work on the Lupane-Nkayi highway in Matabeleland  North – which is set to cut the distance from Harare to Victoria Falls - has since been rehabilitated, while 40 percent of work on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road has been completed.