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Creation of supporting infrastructure for modern vending stalls in all major urban areas.


Infrastructural Development



Dec. 13, 2021

President Emmerson Mnangagwa officially commissioned the Kudzanai Bus Terminus in Gweru, following the successful implementation of a public-private partnership in the terminus’ refurbishment. The bus terminus, which took the efforts of the government, the Gweru City Council, and the private sector to be refurbished, also has new market stores and a new ablution block, all for the comfort of the commuting public. The terminus also has the capacity to house 800 vendors and more than 100 buses a day.

Previous Updates

Treasury has provided ZW$150 million for workspace construction.



Jan. 30, 2022

Treasury has provided ZW$150 million for workspace construction. The Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development has entered into agreements with three Local Authorities, namely: Gweru City Council; Chikomba Rural District Council; and Gwanda Municipality. In Gweru, the Ministry is working with the City Council to construct four micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) factory shells, which will house a total of 54 businesses. In Gwanda, two vendor marts which will accommodate 56 enterprises in various trades, are being constructed in the Central Business District. In Chivhu, a factory shell with 60 bays is being constructed in Chikomba. The facility will house at least 200 SMEs undertaking manufacturing, processing, retailing and repairs.

Construction of Vending Stalls at Seke Road Vending Market



Jan. 30, 2020

Harare City Council is finally working on constructing proper vending stalls at the Coca Cola Corner in Harare after Government released $15 million. The vending site, at the corner of Seke and Dieppe roads, commonly referred to as the Coke Corner, accommodates some of the vendors removed from unsanctioned wending sites last year.