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Protect property rights in an environment where security of tenure is uncontested.


Zimbabwe improves 15 scores on the Doing Business Rankings in 2019



Oct. 1, 2019

With five legislative reforms recognized by Doing Business Index (DB) and a 4% improvement in the Distance to Frontier score, Zimbabwe improved its ranking by 15 places from 155 to 140/190." These reforms include "improving the online name search and reducing the Harare Municipality business licencing fee", streamlining construction plan approvals, "reducing the time taken to transfer property", "publishing official statistics on land disputes for the previous calendar year" and introduced a "new reorganization procedure, allowing creditors to vote on the reorganization plan, and granting debtors the possibility of obtaining post-commencement finance".

Previous Updates

Launch of the National Investment Policy (NIP)



Aug. 30, 2019

Zimbabwe now has a new National Investment Policy (NIP) through which President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government pledges to stop policy flip flopping, respect property rights as well as protect and promote foreign direct investment, among other things.