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Zimbabwe Submits Proposed ACfTA Tariff Offer to AU Commission



Nov. 29, 2021

"Zimbabwe has submitted the draft of its proposed African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) tariff market access offer to the African Union Commission (AUC) for consideration." Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Sekai Nzenza noted that there will be further consultations after the AUC provides comments. "Further trade under AfCFTA may benefit the domestic industry by enhancing market access in member states, which normally comes with costs to local exporters in the form of unfair trade practices (UTP's). Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) is a statutory body established by the Competition Act. Its broad function is to implement and enforce Zimbabwe's Competition Policy and Law, as well as execute the country's Trade Tariffs agenda. It promotes and maintains competition in all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy, assists local industry to be competitive locally and in the export market, as well as promotes fair trade in the economy of Zimbabwe."

Previous Updates

Signing of an MOU with the Zimbabwe is Open for Business Forum



Feb. 19, 2020

Cabinet received an update from the Minister of Mines and Mining Development on the close cooperation with the Zimbabwe Open for Business Forum, an Independent Organisation formed by young Zimbabweans which has played a key role in marketing the Zimbabwe mining industry at its own cost. In particular, Cabinet was advised of the role played by the forum at the recent Mining Indaba in Cape Town in early February, 2020, where apart from arranging various investor interface functions, the Zimbabwe Open for Business Forum established for the first time a Zimbabwe Lounge in the national interest.