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All infrastructure investment projects will be granted national project status to reduce costs by drawing on the available fiscal incentives.


Infrastructural Development



Dec. 28, 2021

Mr Mangwana confirmed that there were 14 projects implemented in the food and national security; infrastructure and utilities (38); moving the economy up the value and structural transformation (17); health and wellbeing (10); social protection (14); environment protection, climate resilience and natural resource management (6); governance (21); housing delivery (15) devolution and decentralisation (7); image building and re-engagement (210; economic growth and stability (26); youth, sport & culture (10) and digital economy (12).

Previous Updates

Government Declares all Roads to be a State of National Disaster



Sept. 21, 2021

The Government of Zimbabwe declared all roads to be a state of national disaster on 9 February 2021. Shortly after, a second Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP II) was launched. The objectives of ERRP II are to improve the road network, which was extensively damaged during the rainy season, and to harness the potential of the transport system in promoting economic growth. ERRP II is due to run from March-December 2021. It is focused on repairing some 26,000 km of the road network and reconstructing drains before the next rainy season. The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, part of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development, has taken over 500km of roads from the country’s Urban Councils, including 32 roads totalling 250km in Harare, 38 roads totalling 84km in Masvingo, 8 roads totalling 12km in Mashonaland central and 9 roads totalling 25km in Manicaland.

National Project Status for Harava Solar Venture



July 24, 2019

Government has granted national project status to the 20MW solar farm being constructed in Bwan Village, Seke Rural at a cost of almost US25million by Harava Solar. Projects awarded national projects status get preferential treatment which includes exemption from paying import duty and other taxes.

Kanyemba Granted National Project Status



Feb. 4, 2019

Government has granted national project status to the development of Kanyemba in Mbire District, Mashonaland Central Province, in line with its quest for town status in the next five years. Kanyemba is a vast swathe of land in the northernmost part of Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River on the border with Zambia and Mozambique and is famed for being at the confluence of the Zambezi and two major rivers, Luangwa in Zambia and Mwanzamutanda in Zimbabwe. Several infrastructure development projects are being implemented in the area, including the rehabilitation and resurfacing of the 141-km Mahuwe-Kanyemba Road, expansion of Chapoto Clinic into a fully-fledged hospital, and the establishment of irrigation projects, some in conjunction with the private sector.

Cabinet approved the implementation of 11 investment projects worth USD5.3 Billion



Nov. 14, 2018

Construction work on Zimbabwe's new parliament building commences.



Nov. 30, 2018