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Value add the country's raw products.


Value Addition Plants Key to Rural Development



Nov. 3, 2021

President Mnangagwa has in recent months commissioned a number of value addition plants dotted in various parts of the country.

Previous Updates

Marula Value Addition in Rutenga Kicks Off



April 27, 2021

Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development champions construction of 2 marula processing plants in Rutenga.

Cabinet considered and approved the Zimbabwe Leather Sector Strategy: 2021-2030



Nov. 17, 2020

Cabinet considered and approved the Zimbabwe Leather Sector Strategy: 2021-2030 which was presented by the Minister of Industry and Commerce. The strategy which is a successor to the Leather Sector Strategy (2012-2017) seeks to increase the overall competitiveness of the leather value chain in Zimbabwe and enhance access to both local and export markets for the finished products. The strategy will prioritise increased investments in industry, with emphasis on value addition and beneficiation of agricultural produce to promote export-led industrialisation as well as increase employment opportunities.

Government has increased mandatory fuel blending to 15 percent.



Dec. 1, 2018

Government  released US$60 million towards procurement of fuel to mitigate current shortages, a situation that had seen the emergence of unscrupulous fuel dealers charging more than double the gazetted pump price.