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DDF will rehabilitate at least 3 bridges and regravel 300km of roads per year over the next 5 years in all rural provinces.


DDF Matabeleland South starts construction on the Gonde River Bridge



Dec. 9, 2021

Construction of Gonde River Bridge in Matabeleland South province is now underway after the government allocated $1,5 million for the project which links Kezi and Matobo districts.

Previous Updates

Three bridges under construction in 3 different provinces; between 77 and 98% complete



Oct. 24, 2022

Construction of Musukwe Bridge (Mashonaland West Province), Gunguhwe Bridge (Midlands Province) and Somgolo Bridge(Matabeleland North Province) are at 98%, 89% and 77%completion, respectively

Projects which the District Development Fund (DDF) had implemented


Oct. 26, 2021

During the 8th 100-Day Cycle under six critical areas, namely: Bridges, Roads, Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes, Dams and Boreholes. Under Bridge Construction, Mpempedzi Bridge in Gutu in Masvingo Province is 98% complete, Gunguhwe in Gokwe North of Midlands Province is at 75% completion and Somhlolo in Lupane of Matebeleland Province is 71% complete. Under Road Maintenance, the targeted gravelling of 10 km of the Karoi-Binga detour road in Hurungwe was completed. Similarly, the targeted 8 km of the Nyakasikana-Masango-Karanda Road in Mt Darwin, in Mashonaland Central Province were gravelled and surfacing of the road is now underway. 30 of the targeted 50 km of the Sentinel-Shashe-Toporo Road in Beitbridge Matebeleland South Province were reshaped while in Buhera, of Manicaland Province 96 km of the Nyazvidzi Parallel Road were graded and 13 km of the targeted 20 km have been spot-gravelled. Regarding Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation, replacement of the vandalized transformer at Lazernby Scheme in Zvimba, Mashonaland West which will benefit 240 households, is at advanced stages of completion. Construction of canals at Chigondo Scheme in Mashonaland East is in progress, with the project set to benefit 50 households. Pipes to the main line are being fitted at Chigodora Scheme in Manicaland Province, which is set to benefit 50 households.

Road Rehabilitation Projects



Aug. 3, 2021

In Manicaland Province, DDF completed grading on 43,5 km and spot gravelling on 5.5 km of the Nyazvidzi Parallel Road. In Mashonaland Central Province, the upgrading of the road linking the commissioned Karanda Bridge with the adjacent communities is ongoing, and a 7 km detour road has been completed. In Mashonaland East Province, 3.5 km of the road link from the now completed Monte Cassino Bridge has been widened. In Mashonaland West Province, the 10 km stretch of the Karoi-Binga Road has since been completed. In Masvingo Province works are in progress on the Mpembedzi Bridge construction project, and road realignment has passed the 60% mark. In Matabeleland South Province, 91 km of the Mapae-Dite-St Peters Road in Beitbridge has been graded. Work is in progress on the construction of the Gunguhwe Bridge in Gokwe, Midlands Province.

Revamping of national infrastructure



April 9, 2021

In line with Government thrust of recapitalisation of key institutions, and revamping of national infrastructure, today DDF received 2 motorised graders from Barzem Zimbabwe. A consignment of 16 graders is expected to be delivered in the next 8 months

Government launched the Matebeleland South DDF Blitz Road Maintenance Program



Feb. 13, 2021

Government launched the Matebeleland South DDF Blitz Road Maintenance Program in Beitbridge. The program is in 3 phases. Phase 1 involves spot gravelling and reshaping 38km C101Lutumba-Tongwe-Bulawayo-main road at a total cost of ZW$16 240 500.

The District Development Fund is embarking on various projects across the country

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Jan. 1, 2019

The District Development Fund (DDF) is embarking on different road infrastructure development  projects accross the country.