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Capacitation of the country's Financial Institutions to support export businesses by strengthening the export credit and guarantee industry.


$10 Million for Export Credit Guarantee



Sept. 6, 2018

The government has invested $10 million in the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of Zimbabwe (ECGC) in effort to enhance the country's export trade growth and diversification. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe owns 100% of ECGC, an export credit agency (RBZ).

Previous Updates

Export Credit Insurance Policy Uptake Increases



Feb. 15, 2019

The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of Zimbabwe (ECGC) has seen an increase in the number of exporters taking up the export credit insurance cover policy. The performance of insured exports, however, remains low due to high production costs among other constraints. ECGC is an export credit agency (ECA) wholly owned by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and is meant to offer financial services to exporters.