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Creation of jobs through value chains in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, wildlife production and marketing.


CSC/Boustead Beef employees started receiving their contractual salaries and benefits



Aug. 24, 2022

CSC/Boustead Beef reopens.  currently has a staff complement of 169 inclusive of management and employees. Following the take-over, employees started receiving their contractual salaries and benefits; and statutory payroll deductions were remitted to NSSA, ZIMRA, and ZIMDEF, among other agencies. 

Previous Updates

The revamped CSC-Bousted Beef Factory resumed operations after 22 years of closur



Aug. 19, 2022

The revamped CSC-Bousted Beef Factory resumed operations  after 22 years of closur

Half a million jobs created



May 14, 2022

Half a million jobs have been added to the economy since 2018 – mostly within the agricultural sector. 

Creation of employment opportunities



Feb. 15, 2021

Government began reviewing the process of evaluating the Green Job Assessment Model, an initiative that seeks to unravel economic and environmental challenges in the country through the creation of sustainable and decent employment. The model is supported by UNDP’s Nationally Determined Contribution Support Programme, which assists the country to measure how green and climate policies affect job creation for women and youth, income distribution, skills development and economic growth, using tools developed by the International Labour Office (ILO)

Roll out of the Presidential Heifer pass on Scheme in Masvingo and Mutare



June 2, 2020

One hundred-and-ninety-four farmers who lost their cattle to Theileriosis (January Disease) in Masvingo and Manicaland will benefit from the Presidential Heifer Pass-on Scheme that was launched at Taguta Farm in Chipinge. 

The scheme is part of the broader Presidential Livestock Inputs Support Programme. 

Construction of eight fish ponds at designated schools in Mashonaland East Province.



Dec. 11, 2019

Under the Community Participation in Fisheries Programme, construction of eight ponds at designated schools and communities in Chinyika, Bonstead and Hibury in Mashonaland East Province has been completed, with the ponds now awaiting stocking

Registration of 241 Fishery Cooperatives



Nov. 13, 2019

Following a presentation by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement on the preparations for the 2019-2020 agricultural season, the Minister of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development briefed Cabinet on the projects that Government has approved for women under the Tugwi-Mukosi development initiative.

The ministry has managed to register a total of 241 fishery cooperatives as follows: Chivi District, 128 cooperatives; Chiredzi District, 20 cooperatives; Masvingo District, 69 cooperatives; and Mwenezi District, 16 cooperatives.

A joint venture between the Cold Storage Company (CSC) and a United Kingdom firm, Boulstead Beef (Pvt) Limited to create employment



May 15, 2019

Cabinet has approved a joint venture between the Cold Storage Company (CSC) and a United Kingdom firm, Boulstead Beef (Pvt) Limited, which will see the investor injecting US$130 million into the meat processing firm.