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Ensure that performance-based bonuses are consistently paid on time and that workers receive fair wages and benefits.


A special presidential USD bonus to be paid to all civil servants in November



Nov. 13, 2022

The president released a communique stating that an additional US$200 bonus will be paid to all civil servants on top of their conventional 13th cheque

Previous Updates

Civil Servants Withdraw Forex Bonuses



Dec. 2, 2021

Civil servants have started to receive their forex bonuses and "in Bulawayo, there were long queues at some banks as [they] withdrew their bonuses in foreign currency." Apex Council deputy secretary general Mr Gibson Mushangu acknowledged that in "some sectors, some are still to receive and we believe it's just a technical issue," but still appreciated that the Government honoured their pledge.

Government Cuts Civil Servant Salaries



Nov. 11, 2021

The government last month deducted between $2 000 and $4 000 from salaries of nurses and teachers... “It was a deduction caused by NSSA payments without any prior engagements by the government,” said Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe. NSSA’s head of communications Tendai Mutseyekwa denies this claim as "the employer deducts on behalf of the employees, we did not deduct anything.

Government and Civil Servants in Deadlock Over Wages Talks



March 13, 2021



July 17, 2020

Government has started re-engaging health workers to come up with an amicable solution to challenges bedevilling the sector.
A meeting involving Health and Child Care Acting Minister, Professor Amon Murwira, his deputy Dr John Mangwiro, the Health Services Board, and striking nurses, was held on Monday. The nurses were tasked to quantify their demands in local currency, as well as bringing forth comparative salaries from the region. Prof Murwira yesterday described the meeting as fruitful, and hopes the negotiations will yield positive results.

Civil servants table US Dollar salary demand

The Daily News


June 30, 2020

Civil Servants yesterday tabled their demand to be paid in United States Dollars before the National Joint Negotiating Council NJNC).  This comes as the govenrment recently awarded them a 50% salary adjustment and introduced a monthly USD75 Covid-19 allowance. The allowance would be for three months. The NJNC is made up of government representatives and civil servants bodies under the Apex Council. 

In an interview after the NJNC met in the capital yesterday, Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander said the meeing was adjourned to a date to be advised after civil servants insisted that their remuneration should be entirely in hard currency. 

Zimbabwe Govt Increases Civil Servants' Salaries After Soldiers, Nurses Public Protests

Voice of America


June 17, 2020

Zimbabwe has increased salaries of civil servants following public protests by soldiers, nurses and doctors after their June pay was slashed without notifying workers. In a statement, the Ministry of Finance said civil servants’ salaries and pensioners’ allowances will be adjusted upwards by 50% with immediate effect.

“In addition, all civil servants will be paid a flat, non-taxable COVID-19 allowance of USD75.00 per month. Government pensioners will be paid a flat non taxable COVID-19 allowance of US$30.00 per month. “Government has taken due regard of the fact that addressing the wage challenges faced across the civil service, any salary reviews will need to be done with a holistic framework in order to ensure that such a review does not impose a negative shock in the market. The interim arrangement is for a period of three months from June 2020.”

Healthcare workers walk out over wage cuts

Anadolu Agency


June 17, 2020

Hospital workers at Zimbabwe’s biggest hospital walked out on Wednesday, expressing anger over the government’s decision to abruptly cut their salaries by at least 50 percent. Most of those protesting at Parirenyatwa Hospital in the capital Harare said they were earning between $7,000-$10,000 Zimbabwean dollars (ZW) a month ($100-$130) before their earnings were slashed to ZW$3,500-$5,000 amid crushing estimated inflation of 900%.

Government, civil servants strike pay deal



Jan. 29, 2020

The Apex Council has accepted the salary increment offered by the Government, while negotiations for a better package continue as a compromise for “the sake of civil servants who are in a desperate situation”. Negotiators for the two parties on Monday agreed on a salary increment, but disagreed on when it would be effected.

The Apex Council, an umbrella representative body for all civil servants, wanted the increment backdated to January and paid once off or over two months, while Government proposed to stagger it until April. 

Emerging from the evening meeting, Apex Council president Mrs Cecilia Alexander said they will, however, only sign the agreement when Government agrees to pay the difference for the January salaries once off or over two months.

Civil servants strike after government ‘brought nothing to the table’



Nov. 6, 2019

State workers will go ahead with Wednesday’s street protest after the government failed to give in to their demand for U.S. dollar-indexed salaries to cushion them against soaring inflation, union officials said on Tuesday. Police have given the Apex Council of public sector unions permission to march for better pay in what is widely seen as a test of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s willingness to tolerate dissent after banning recent opposition protests.

Workers are enduring Zimbabwe’s worst economic crisis in a decade, with triple-digit inflation, unemployment above 90 percent, acute shortages of foreign exchange, fuel and medicines, and rolling power cuts that have hit mines and industry. Workers had expected the government to at least bring a new wage offer at Tuesday’s meeting. The government says it cannot afford dollar-indexed pay, which would see the least paid worker earn 7,293 Zimbabwe dollars (US$475) a month from 1,023 Zimbabwe dollars now.

Zimbabwe Doctors' Strike Continues As Govt Cries Foul

Voice of America


Oct. 23, 2019

Zimbabwean doctors are vowing to continue their 51-day strike despite a 100 percent raise in allowances offered by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. The doctors say the offer resulted in an increase of their on-call allowances from 1,200 Zimbabwe dollars to 2,400 Zimbabwe dollars each per month, an amount they say is insignificant, taking into account the high cost of living in the country.