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Social Services

Ensure that there is no child from a disadvantaged family that should be deprived of an opportunity to attend school at whatever level.

In Progress

Gazetting of the Education Amendment Act



March 9, 2020

It is now compulsory for all children to attend school from early childhood development (ECD) level before Grade One all the way to Form Four and parents who deprive their children of those 12 years of education can be fined or jailed for up to two years.

Education Amendment Act

Previous Updates

Assistance of 403,756 school children under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).



Dec. 18, 2019

Maintenance of school fees low costs in local currency

Ministry of Information Zimbabwe


Jan. 9, 2020

Government has not acceded to any school fees increase in Public schools. Schools charging in Forex run the risk of deregistration. Press Statement by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Cabinet approved the Education Amendment Bill,which among other things, promotes equitable development of schools across all regions, the learning of local languages and guarantees the rights of peopl



Nov. 22, 2018

Government schools will next year begin offering free basic education, while corporal punishment will be abolished in terms of a new law that is set to be introduced.