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In collaboration with the private sector, deliver at least 1.5 million affordable housing units to the people in the next 5 years.


Housing Projects



Nov. 17, 2021

President commissions 28 three-bedroom houses of which 24 are now occupied. These are part of the First Phase. This Project is under the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) wholly funded by GoZ.

Previous Updates

Housing projects



Oct. 12, 2021

The building of blocks of flats at the Dzivarasekwa Site in progress, while the development of roads, storm water drains, sewer and water reticulation, and provision of electricity at the Empumalanga High Density Stands site was 50% complete. The Kasese-Kariba Housing site development project was 54% complete, while the Lupane Housing Project is 90% complete, with only plumbing, painting, glazing, fixing of doors, and water and electricity connections outstanding

Launch of the National Human Settlements Policy

https://ucaz.org.zw/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Final-Zimbabwe-National-Human-Settlements-Policy-2020.pdf https://www.herald.co.zw/second-republic-targets-220-000-houses-flats/


Sept. 3, 2021

President Commissions Marimba Housing Project and launches National Human Settlements Policy.

Housing programme for civil servants, low-income earners approved



March 3, 2021

Government approved the Musha-Muzi Housing Programme, a project that is set to see low-income earners in the country acquire homes at affordable prices. The programme, a brainchild of the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA)

$1,35bn for 220 000 houses



Jan. 6, 2021

$1,35 billion was allocated in the 2021 National Budget towards the National Housing Fund as Government seeks to build 220 000 houses and flats by 2025 in line with the National Development Strategy (NDS1) and Vision 2030.

Continuation of the development agenda



Oct. 25, 2020

Zimbabwe will continue pursuing its development agenda despite the harmful effects of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by Western nations. Speaking after touring Batanai Housing Project in Chinhoyi, where three financial institutions have combined to build 1 640 housing units, the Vice President said while Zimbabwe expects the West to lift the sanctions, it was forging ahead with its development agenda.

Development of 2200 Stands on on KockMallock Estate in Norton



June 29, 2020

The Zimbabwe Government has planned to build 200,000 affordable houses in partnership with the private sector which is started in Norton with the development of 2,200 stands on KockMallock estate. Roads are now being tarred and sewer pipes laid, while the foundations of the first batch of three-bedroomed houses are under construction. Government plans to construct all the 200,000 planned houses and flats by 2023, with land for development being identified across Zimbabwe.

Downward Review of the target to build 1.5 million affordable houses in the next 5 years.



Jan. 29, 2020

Ahead of the 2018 general election, Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party made a pledge to build 1.5 million homes in the five-year period leading up to 2023. As part of ZimFact’s Promise Checker series, we checked on progress on this promise. The government admits it is missing this target, and is revising its plans. The 1.5 million five-year housing plan would have demanded that the country would build an average of 300,000 houses per year. This target has now been revised downwards. 

Housing target in sight



Oct. 17, 2020

According to Vice President Mohadi, alot of ground had been covered towards delivering 1,5 million medium-income housing units over the period 2018-2023.