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Social Services

Incentivise responsive community programmes that will enhance community participation in their development.


Government Raises Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Ten-fold



Dec. 14, 2020

Government has allocated $420 million to the CDF in the 2021 National Budget.

Previous Updates

Community Development Programme



Dec. 15, 2020

Our National Public Infrastructure Investment Programme for 2021, prioritizes and embraces projects identified by communities. The government will provide the right framework for building back better, the critical public infrastructure services citizens require to enable their participation in the country’s socio-economic development.


Roll out of the ablution construction project in Hwange



Dec. 11, 2019

The construction of an ablution block in Hwange under the Community Participation in Tourism Conservation project in Matabeleland North Province has now been approved by the local leadership, with the Environmental Impact Assessment having been completed and the project site pegged.