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Build 78 new hospitals  and establish at least one new hospital per administrative district by 2023 (modification from Pledge card).


New Clinic Commissioned in Gokwe



March 24, 2022

 Villagers from Gokwe's Mapfungautsi area expressed joy and relief after the commissioning of a new clinic built with devolutions funds. The clinic which will cater to over 11000 households, immediately served over 50 patients on its 1st day of existence.


Previous Updates

Lupane Provincial Hospital Constructed



Jan. 18, 2022


Last year, the government allocated $47 million for the construction of Lupane Provincial Hospital, as the province relied on St Luke’s for health services, while critically-ill patients were referred to Bulawayo. Lupane hospital has a 250-bed capacity.

Four New Hospitals Constructed in Southern Harare



Aug. 25, 2021

The president of Zimbabwe promised to revamp our health sector and is living upto it. A 22 bed turnkey hospital is coming up in Harare south, the first four hospitals out of thirty two have been constructed and new equipment bought for the existing health care centres in Bulawayo.

Bona Rural Health Clinic in Bubi officially opened.





Nov. 8, 2021

Bona Clinic has been constructed and officially opened using Devolution Funds. Speaking during the official opening ceremony, Bubi Rural District Council (BRDC) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Partson Mlilo thanked the Government for availing developmental funds through the devolution programme, and all the stakeholders who contributed towards the success of the project.

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Child Care and a United Kingdom-based company, NMS Infrastructure, for a US$200 million deal.



Sept. 14, 2019

President Mnangagwa witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Child Care and a United Kingdom-based company, NMS Infrastructure, with the aim of improving primary healthcare in Zimbabwe through a US$200 million deal. He said the investment by the UK-based firm was a manifestation of the re-engagement policy. Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said, “Inasfar as what is actually going to happen, this is very much in line with our primary healthcare approach because we are going to get at least 30 rural clinics, rural centres, rural hospitals. So there will be about four in each province,”