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Review the conditions of service for the teaching profession.


Govt Releases $2,7bn for Teachers' Children's Fees



May 21, 2022

"Government yesterday moved to fulfil its commitment to 
improving conditions of service for teachers after releasing $2,68 billion towards payment of their children's school fees as agreed in February. The money will cover fees for the first term for 103 556 children from all the country's 10 provinces "

Previous Updates

Teachers to import cars duty free, children's fees to be paid by government.




Feb. 9, 2022

Teachers will now import cars duty-free as part of the benefits. In addition, the government will be paying school fees for the children of teachers and giving them a transport facility to ferry them to their work stations.

The Government has Added Another Non-monetary Benefit to Its Workers in Rural Areas



Feb. 16, 2022


The Government has added another non-monetary benefit to its workers in rural areas through the provision of free transportation to do monthly shopping in urban areas, with teachers being the first beneficiaries of the facility beginning this weekend.

Zimbabwe & Rwanda ink professionals exchange MoUs



Dec. 24, 2021

Zimbabwe and Rwanda signed MoU that will see the two republics exchanging educational personnel and expertise. The two countries enjoy excellent bilateral relations and the latest exchange is anchored on protecting citizens from unethical and unfair recruitment practices in foreign lands.

Government meets teachers union over welfare



Oct. 5, 2020

A team of three Cabinet ministers met teachers’ unions to address their concerns as part of Government efforts to improve the welfare of civil servants. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Cain Mathema, his Public Service counterpart Professor Paul Mavima and Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube were leading the Government delegation at the meeting in Harare. As they seeked to address teachers’ concerns.

Teaching Profession Council Bill on the cards



June 4, 2019

The government of Zimbabwe is working on establishing a Teaching Professions Council (TPC) under which teachers will first apply for registration before being issued with a teaching practice certificate. These proposed changes are contained within the Teaching Professions Council Bill which is expected to provide for the regulation of the educators, their practice and professional conduct.