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Review the remuneration structure for the medical professionals.


Nurses and senior doctors are on strike over pay across Zimbabwe



June 20, 2022

Nurses and senior doctors are on strike over pay across Zimbabwe - reject 100% pay rise. Health workers demanding payment of salaries in USD

Previous Updates

Zimbabwe doctors, nurses endorse strike



June 18, 2022

Zimbabwe doctors, nurses endorse strike. Salary talks between government and its restive workers ended in a deadlock yesterday ahead of a full-blown strike action by health professionals and teachers beginning Monday.

Government transfers health workers from Chitungwiza and Harare Municipality to Government payroll



Sept. 28, 2021

Health workers to transfer from the Chitungwiza and Harare Municipalities’ payrolls to the Government payroll to centralise the payment of essential services in order to ensure timely payment

Tax rebate for health services professionals



March 25, 2019

The government has gazetted a tax rebate to be enjoyed by health services staff under the health services loan scheme as the employer implements non-monetary incentives aimed at cushioning its employees. This is contained in a Statutory Instrument of a Government Gazette published on 22 March 2019 by Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube in terms of the Customs and Excise Act. With effect from 1 January 2019, a rebate of duty shall be granted for one motor vehicle imported or taken out of bond by a serving Public Health worker below the Deputy Director grade in Zimbabwe who is employed by the Health Service Board and grant-aided health facilities for a period of not less than two years and is not under any disciplinary proceedings or on full Manpower Development leave, if such motor vehicle is (a) procured using loan availed under the Health Service Vehicle Loan Scheme managed through CMED Private Limited and (b) intended solely for the private use of the serving health worker and not for commercial or trade purposes. 

Construction of two block of flats to house medical doctors



Dec. 17, 2020

The Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities informed Cabinet that construction of two block of flats to house medical doctors at Marimba in Harare had seen 20% of plastering being achieved so far. Treasury has released ZW$41 million towards completion of the outstanding works.