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Youth and Gender

Government to enhance women's maternity leave provisions


Bill Grants Equality for Expectant Mothers



Jan. 18, 2022

The Labour Amendment Bill is before Parliament for debate. As part of the government's effort to harmonize the Labour Act with the Constitution, the Act would change the qualifying time and the number of times maternity leave is awarded if enacted.

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Labour Amendment Bill



Sept. 28, 2021

Cabinet approved the Labour Amendment Bill. The Bill aligns the Labour Amendment Act to Section 65 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013, and to the ratified International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions. The Bill, also provides for the rights to fair and safe labour practices and standards. Clause 11 seeks to amend section 18 to align the Labour Act to Section 65(7) of the Constitution to ensure that women employees have the right to fully paid maternity leave for a period of 3 months by removing qualifying periods, prescribed intervals for maternity and a number of times for enjoying the right to maternity leave under one employer.