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Youth and Gender

Achievement of gender equality in all spheres of political and socio-economic development.


Sexual Harassment Policy launched



July 27, 2022

Sexual Harassment Policy launched. Public Service and Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima launched the Public Service Sexual Harassment Policy 2022 in Harare yesterday as the country is experiencing a spike in sexual harassment cases at workplaces. This has resulted in the International Labour Organisation calling on corporates to eliminate sexual harassment and gender-based violence at work

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Genders Quotas Database



Jan. 7, 2022

Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) has a bicameral parliament with both voluntary and regulated party quotas in the single/lower house and upper house, as well as at the subnational level. Women have 81 of the 265 seats in the National Assembly, or 31%.

Zimbabwe’s Spotlight Initiative Launches High-Level Political Compact to End Gender-Based Violence



Oct. 27, 2021

Government of Zimbabwe launches High-Level Political Compact (HLPC) on Ending Gender-based Violence and Harmful Practices in Zimbabwe in partnership with the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe and the UN in Zimbabwe.

Government Announces Legal Amendment Making it illegal for Schools to Expel Pupils Who Get Pregnant



Aug. 25, 2020

Zimbabwe has made it unlawful for schools to dismiss students who become pregnant, a move that women's rights activists say would help to address gender disparity in the classroom and prevent many girls from dropping out.

Renovation of a damaged One Stop Centre in Rusape



Dec. 11, 2019

The renovation of a one-stop centre in Rusape under the one-stop centre phase 2 project has been completed. The one-stop centre had been ravaged by fire in September 2018. 

The Zimbabwe government, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) launched a multi-layer spotlight initiative to benefit women and girls.

Africa News


June 27, 2019

The Government of Zimbabwe, the European Union and the United Nations today launched a multi-year Spotlight Initiative to assist women and girls realize their full potential in a violence-free, gender-responsive and inclusive Zimbabwe. Delivering a keynote at the launch, President Mnangagwa in a statement read on his behalf by Hon. Minister Prof. A Murwira said, “violence against women and girls often go unreported and are usually concealed within families. My Government is committed through the Spotlight Initiative to put in place measures that will unmask the challenge and enable policymakers to realize that the issue has a negative impact on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and national development that needs to be dealt with swiftly.”